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As we approach winter, and with much talk about increasing energy bills, people’s attention naturally turns to keeping warm and reducing energy bills.

With heat rising, many people get concerned about the energy efficiency of their roof lights or roof lanterns. With Clearview, there’s no need to worry.

So, how can Clearview Rooflights save you money?

We offer very low U values – U value is the rate at which heat is transferred though a structure, so the lower the U-value is, the more efficient the rooflight will be. This keeps warm air in and keeps cold air out. This is mainly achieved through our incredibly advanced glazing systems. Our systems can also be made using Low-E panes, which means that the glass is coated to help prevent heat escaping from a room. On occasions, our roof lights are so energy efficient, that they are actually more efficient than the roof they’re replacing!

So, if you are looking at improving the thermal efficiency of your home, then Rooflights are actually beneficial to your home! In addition to being thermally beneficial, they also look incredible and create a feature statement for both contemporary and traditional homes throughout the UK




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