How can aluminium windows and doors transform your home

At Clear View we have helped hundreds of home owners transform their properties through the installation of aluminium window and doors. Reasons for choosing to fit new doors and windows include to enhance the appearance of the house as well as quality of life. Here are three of the most common reasons why people pick aluminium doors and windows:

To allow more natural light into the home

One of the major benefits of aluminium windows and doors is that they let an incredible amount of light into the room they are installed in. As frames are narrow, this allows for a larger size pane of glass to be used, maximising the daylight in the space. Natural light is well-known to have health benefits as well as a positive effect on mood. It can also help rooms appear brighter and airier too.

To provide more space to hold gatherings

Another great advantage of aluminium doors is their ability to open up space which allows more room to hold family gatherings or entertain friends. Bi-folding doors in particular can help to open up indoor areas and allow easy access to outdoor space, meaning a larger area to host parties is possible.

Flexibility in size and design

Finally, people often opt for these kinds of doors and windows as they afford great flexibility in design. At Clear View we work with our customers to provide the perfect products for them and measure each space individually to ensure items are manufactured to the perfect fit. With a wide range of finish colours available this means aluminium frames can be ordering in almost any shade and can be matched to existing features of the home.

Clear View are a leading manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows. From our base in Huddersfield we work with property owners all over the UK to help them transform their homes. If you would like more information about any of the products we design, manufacture and fit, please contact us on 08001357167.




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